Why settle for gear that is a trickle-down version of what the pros ride when there's a group that gives 100 percent of what you demand? Demands that are different, not less than, the pros'. Demands that change and evolve with your riding and performance, whether you're race ready or adventure ready. The SRAM Rival 22 groupset delivers immense performance across a broad variety of bikes and disciplines. The Rival 22 shift-brake levers offer comfortable textured levers with ErgoFit™ for improved grip and finger wrap. Whether you ride road, gravel, or cyclocross, Rival 22 is a group for every need

ErgoFit™ design from SRAM RED improves grip and finger wrap
Individual Reach Adjust of brake lever and shift paddle for a perfect fit
ZERO LOSS™ immediate engagement of your rear derailleur as soon as you touch the shifter.
Durable, forged aluminum controls with laser texture for a positive touch

Pair:00.7018.143.000 ¥38,940
Right:00.7018.142.000 ¥19,690
Left:00.7018.142.001 ¥19,690

カラー:FD: 2s Yaw, RD: 11s, Set: FD: 2s Yaw/RD: 11s